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Writing Rubrics

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  1. Research Report Writing A rubric for grade 4.

  2. Persuasive Speech on Contemporary Issue

  3. Tutorial Presentation on Literary Elements in allocated Chapters in a Novel

  4. Comparative Study Rubric  Developed for an assignment in which students compare two cities.

  5. Comparison Rubric  Another rubric for comparison papers.

  6. Rubric for Papers Based on Interviews 

  7. Voice Rubric -This rubric is my student friendly version for grades 5-12 based on the original from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

  8. Writing Rubric for K & Gr. 1

  9. Written Report Checklist 9-12 (Project Based Learning)

  10. Written Report Checklist 5-8 (Project Based Learning)

  11. Written Report Checklist 2-4 (Project Based Learning)

  12. Written Report Checklist K-1 (Project Based Learning)

  13. Summerbridge Writing Rubric - Rubrics: An Assessment Tool to Share with Students

  14. Letter Gr. 3 -Rubrics for Slide Show/Letter

  15. Autobiographical Incident -The autobiographical incident is a well-told story about a specific occurrence in a writer's life

  16. Editorial Rubric  

  17. Language Usage - This rubric has been modified to use with 8th graders. It is not intended to be the actual Language Usage Rubric used to score MSPAP

  18. 6-Trait Student Friendly Rubrics -links to my student's friendly rubric for each of the six traits.

  19. The Six Traits - Questions to Ask about the Six Traits

  20. "Kid Language" Gr.8 -The following writing rubrics were written in 8th grade "kid language" so that 8th graders (and their teachers) could understand them.

  21. Writing to Persuade Rubric - Student Version  - This rubric has been modified for use with 8th graders.

  22. Writing to Inform Rubric- Student Version    - This rubric has been modified for use with 8th graders.

  23. Personal Expression -Writing for Personal Expression Rubric

  24. Writing Expectations - Gr. 7/8 and page 2

  25. Information Summary Rubric

  26. Observation & Critique Rubric  

  27. Performance Assessments for Writing Tasks

  28. Writing Rubric in Student Language

  29. Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text

  30. Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text Year 10

  31. Newspaper Report Rubric Year 8 

  32. Analytical Essay on Feature Article

  33. Scoring Rubric for Essay Questions

  34. Analytical Essay on Style Used in Novel (Animal Farm)

  35. Analytical Essay on Theme - Lower School

  36. Analytical Essay on Theme - Upper School

  37. Basic Comprehension and Composition Exercises

  38. Descriptive Introduction to Short Story

  39. Fable

  40. Irony - Sarcastic Piece of Writing

  41. Metaphoric Poems

  42. Writing Rubric Generator  - Let's face it, writing is one of the most difficult pieces to assess. Clear up some confusion for you and your students.

  43. Assessment Rubric/Criteria for Literature Review

  44. Writing - 5 levels 

  45. Handbook of Kindergarten -Primary Assessment Tools

  46. Writing Checklist  - Kindergarten Writing Rubric 

  47. Article/Book Review Grading Checklist  

  48. Literature Review Rubric

  49. Lit Review Grading Checklist

  50. How To Write a Rubric From Scratch - Learn to become an expert at creating useful classroom assessment rubrics.

  51. Holistic Writing Rubric for Short Constructed Responses    - This rubric is used to score students' responses to a writing prompt that requires a single paragraph.  Each paragraph receives a single score of 0,  1,  2, 3 or 4 points.  

  52. Autobiographical Event Rubric    Sample Rubric

  53. Rubric For Editorial - Commentary Essay   Sample Rubric

  54. 'Kid' Language Writing Rubrics - Four level scales to assess grade 8 writing.

  55. Writing / Language Art Rubrics - Excellent resource for educators

  56. California Content Standards Writing Applications for Grades 1-12 -Rubrics and Graphic Organizers assessment tools for educators.

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