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Technology Rubrics

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  1. Hyper studio Presentation Rubric - Three-scale rubric for a hyper studio software presentation.

  2. HyperStudio Project Evaluation Rubric 4 pt.

  3. Evaluating Technology Rubric Collection

  4. HyperStudio Rubric - list of criteria 

  5. HyperStudio Rubric for Student Work - 6pt  

  6. Web Evaluation Lesson Plan Rubric

  7. Rubric for PowerPoint Presentations (Group presentation) - Includes knowledge, participation, length, content, and design.

  8. Rubric for Student Web Page

  9. Utah Technology Awareness Project Rubrics 

  10. Student Web Page/Multimedia Project Rubric - 4 pt 

  11. Multimedia Project Rubric  

  12. HyperStudio Rubric 5 pt  

  13. Projects K to 12 Use of Technology Rubrics  

  14. Technology Competency Rubric

  15. Digital Arts Rubric - Students use art forms to communicate, showing the ability to define and solve artistic problems with insight, reason, and technical proficiency.

  16. Rubric for Multimedia Presentation: PowerPoint - Evaluates content writing, technical, communication, and technical organization.

  17. Primary Science and Technology Rubrics - Two rubrics for assessing science in the primary division.

  18. School Website Rubric - Evaluate the effectiveness of your school's website.

  19. Website Rubrics - Evaluate websites on a 3-scale level.  Broken down into several appropriate criterion.

  20. Rubric for Assessing Student WWW Pages - If you plan to assign your students to create their own web pages, here's where you find a rubric to help you assess their work.

  21. Web Page Design Rubric  Sample Rubric

  22. Website Evaluation Rubric  What Makes a Good Webpage? To score a webpage, assess each criterion below as Poor, Good, or Excellent. Then assign each Poor rating 0 points, each Good 1 point, and each Excellent 2 points.

  23. Website Rubric  The Website rubric needs to be turned in along with the Web project and a storyboard. Both the student and instructor will assess the project.

  24. Web Page Project Evaluation Rubric

  25. Technology, Research, Presentation Components Rubric for Gr. 9-10

  26. Website Rubrics  THE RUBRIC BELOW WILL BE USED TO EVALUATE YOUR COMPLETED WEBSITES. Beginning, Developing, Accomplished. Item and Points. 0 points. 1 point. 2 points. ...
    Multimedia Project Rubric with Self-Evaluation

  27. Multimedia Presentation Rubric

  28. Rubric for Assessing Electronic Portfolios

  29. Student Designed Web Page Rubric  

  30. Evaluation Information for the WWW Web Page Design

  31. Website Evaluation Rubric for Primary Grades - This rubrics is based on 25 points.

  32. Website Evaluation Rubric for Intermediate Grades - This rubrics is based on 50 points.

  33. Website Evaluation Rubric for Secondary Grades - This rubrics is based on 100 points.

  34. Web Page Evaluation Worksheet

  35. Comparing and Evaluating Web Information Sources

  36. Evaluating Web Resources (by type: business, informational, news, personal)

  37. Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources

  38. Evaluation of Information Sources

  39. Hoax? Scholarly research? Personal opinion? You decide.

  40. World Wide Web Page Evaluation Form (Ligon Middle School)

  41. Personal philosophy paper on the use of technology in teaching& learning

  42. Judges Form for evaluating Multi-Media Projects in recent Multimedia Mania Contest

  43. Presentation Rubric from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

  44. Multimedia Project Rubric - from a middle school teacher

  45. Quality Product Rubric - Janet Diener, SqHS, Bellingham.

  46. Multimedia Presentation Checklist 9-12 (Project Based Learning)

  47. Multimedia Presentation Checklist 5-8 (Project Based Learning)

  48. Multimedia Presentation Checklist 2-4 (Project Based Learning)

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