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Science Rubrics

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  1. Lab Report Rubric Generator - Science teachers, make your expectations clear to students with this fun standards-based rubric. Very easy to use.

  2. Science - The New York State Learning Standards are curriculum guidelines set forth by the New York State Department of Education's Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment division.

  3. Science Rubrics - Student assessment tools

  4. Physics Lab rubrics -

  5. Physics Project Rubric  - In addition, you will be evaluated by the group portfolio, representing the collaboration of your group.

  6. Using Rubrics in Evaluation for Science Class (York Board of Education)
    This is a good introductory article with a definition of a rubric, how to construct one and a model rubric from the Ontario Ministry of Education aligning “Ontario Curriculum” expectations with letter/percentage grades.

  7. Automating Authentic Assessment With Rubrics: Technology... The Future of Education?

  8. Research Cycle Rubric - This rubric is used to evaluate how students perform at each stage of the research cycle.

  9. General Science Lab Rubric - A very clear evaluation for science labs.

  10. Analyzing a Primary Source Rubric - This primary source lesson from the Library of Congress Web site introduces students to primary sources and explains how to analyze them.

  11. Physics Lab Rubric -The following rubric is based on a template from WebQuest Training Materials, by Bernie Dodge. 

  12. Science Project Checklist 9-12 (Project Based Learning)

  13. Science Project Checklist 5-8 (Project Based Learning)

  14. Science Project Checklist K-4 (Project Based Learning)

  15. Science Rubrics and Make Up Ideas - Rick Winter - Teacher and Author. Science Rubrics and Extra Credit Ideas

  16. Scientific Report Rubric

  17. Scientific Paper Rubric

  18. SRI International Performance Assessment Links in science

  19. Using Rubrics to Evaluate Students' Work in Science - This site discusses the two types of rubrics: holistic and analytical and shows how to construct both types. Examples are given.

  20. Science Fair Rubric Generator (Create Rubrics)  - A rubric that assesses a variety of qualities of science fair projects.

  21. Scientific Report Rubric 

  22. Primary Science Rubric - Science Standard 3 – Students apply knowledge of scientific content and processes through the study of matter, energy, and life

  23. Science Rubrics and Extra Credit Ideas  - These pages show how I grade science projects. You can also use these rubrics to get ideas for makeup or extra credit work. Include your proper heading on each rubric.

  24. Science Experiment Rubric - This rubric works on all science experiments for a variety of grades.

  25. Science Rubrics (Sample Rubrics) - Several rubrics for Intermediate, Junior and Primary science assessment.


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